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Some important questions, briefly answered. The FAQ is constantly being expanded, so it's worth taking a look every now and then 🙂


If you want to steam hookahSqueeze pure in your shisha, please take a few minutes and read the following article on the blog:

hookahSqueeze pure without tobacco

Setup info for vapour paste mixed with tobacco can be found here:

hookahSqueeze mixed with tobacco

In the meantime, we have made the experience that 5g of hookahSqueeze are absolutely sufficient for about 45 minutes of hookah pleasure (i.e. a maximum of 5 sessions of this kind with a 25g tube). However, this strongly depends on the head used, the type of charcoal and the smoking behaviour (draw intervals). For mixtures with tobacco, often only 1-3g are enough to achieve a better smoke development and an intense and longer-lasting taste without scratching or pressing.

hookahSqueeze is just like all other smoke or vapour products from 18 years!

Yes! We do not use any products of animal origin, such as honey, which is used in many tobaccos. The glycerine we use to mix hookahSqueeze is 100% vegetable (VG; Vegetable Glycerine) - and of course from Bavaria 😉

Our flavours for all hookahSqueeze varieties come from Germany from renowned manufacturers. The aroma of a flavour is from French production. The base material is of natural origin and from the USA (unfortunately, it is no longer mined here) - and our glycerine comes from different suppliers in Germany and Poland.

Our tubes & mixing tools are made to the greatest possible extent from recyclate (i.e. plastic waste generated during the production of other items) and recycled PE exclusively in Germany and the Netherlands. The advertising technology is provided by our wonderful neighbours (Aloe digital print) and all other advertising materials come from Germany and Poland (printed matter), Spain (lighters) and Switzerland (ballpoint pens). We don't sell junk! Nothing on or around hookahSqueeze comes from China! 😉

We are aware of the problem that black plastic is difficult to recycle and are working on a solution simply because of our conscience towards the environment! There are already black tubes that are recognised by recycling plants, but these are still too expensive at the moment. We hope that this will soon be possible!

hookahSqueeze contains NO additives, no added sugar/cane molasses/inverted sugar syrup (especially NO honey), no additional flavour enhancers and no preservatives apart from those already contained in the flavours, apart from the classic, partly natural smoke flavours. But to make it look so nice and colourful, we need colourants and use E141, E102, E122, E132 and E172, which have been used in the tobacco and food industry for a long time.

We prefer our fingers or the hookahSqueeze mixing tool. Alternatively, you can use the back of a small spoon or, of course, smooth shisha tongs. But the most beautiful heads are made by hand 🙂 .

Yes! You should not use a multi-hole head for pure hookahSqueeze, but a funnel.

Mixed, you can refine any tobacco head the way you like it - just squeeze it in!

The consistency of hookahSqueeze depends on the type and composition of the flavour, so the different varieties are sometimes a little more liquid or a little more solid - so always shake and squeeze the tubes well before use.

It is important to keep the Squeezy tube closed and store it at room temperature. Then you will enjoy it for a long time, even if the tube has been open for a while. Always shake and squeeze well (squeeze out the air beforehand) before use, especially after a long period of storage.
Storage in the refrigerator is not necessary, but possible (Attention: Food can take on the aroma!). Please do not freeze!

The following applies to our old tins: The date printed on the bottom is a best-before date. So if the paste can still be stirred to a nice creamy consistency after the best-before date (it may take a while) and smells pleasant (as usual), you can still use it.

For the tubes: Press out the air and then knead/massage the paste well in the tube.

However, smoke development & flavour intensity can be quite limited after a longer storage time, especially if the packaging is opened. Fresh Squeezy tastes best!

Squeezy-Check by ShishaWG

Watch the video of ShishaWG to our new Squeezy Tubes!

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