2002 eBay Shisha Shop

2006 hookahMag - First shisha magazine in the world

2006 hookahStore & hookahLounge Landsberg

2012 hookahBreeze

2014 hookahSqueeze

2016 Sapphire Squeeze No.9

2019 hookahSqueeze E-Liquids

2020 hookahSqueeze Aroma Shots

2022 hookahSqueeze now in tubes!

The history of hookahLove

We are the former creators of the world's first and only specialist magazine for oriental hookahs, "hookahMag", which we published until 2009. However, we have always stayed on the subject of hookah and opened a specialist shop for oriental hookahs in Landsberg am Lech at the end of 2006 with an adjoining hookah lounge, where we prepared phenomenal tobacco hookahs with the best tobaccos from all over the world until 2011.

But then we were forced in Bavaria by the Non-Smoker Protection Act to stop using tobacco in our hookahBar. What followed: our first product - the "hookahBreeze" vapour stones. But vapour stones in general had a few small disadvantages for us at that time: They lost some of their aroma intensity with the smoking time, so that they often only tasted neutral after 45 minutes. And the vapour produced, despite its density, somehow didn't remind us enough of the good old tobacco shishas.

So all this time we've been researching other carrier materials in all consistencies for our high quality flavours until, through some tinkering, we came up with hookahSqueeze. At first, we really couldn't believe how well our paste worked and that it even made everything better when mixed with tobacco.

In the meantime, we have simply come to terms with the fact that we can make shishas without any tobacco at all, which produce incredible clouds of vapour and taste more genuine, intense, clear and mild than many tobaccos.

To make hookahSqueeze taste the way it does, the help of our guests in the hookahLounge has always been very important. In order to keep adjusting the flavours, we had hookahSqueeze test smoked by hundreds of people every day during the two-year development period. In 2018, we decided to close the above-all hookahLounge after 12 incredibly wonderful years to be able to fully focus on our hookahLove. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of it! Big Love!

And today, we continue to develop our flavours together with our customers, friends, families and partners. A lot of respect, work, experience and love goes into every gram of hookahSqueeze - we are convinced that this is the only way it works sustainably.

Our products are generally not developed according to calculation, but at the beginning there is always a good product - and only then do we look at how we can sell it in an economically sensible way (unfortunately, this is how it has to be). With very few of the aroma blends we develop, we know the prices of the ingredients beforehand. Every now and then there are stupid surprises - but that's how it is when love for the product plays a big role 😉

In the meantime, we also make shishas. Our long-time friends from guus wanted to know that their Bongshisha baby was in good hands after family and career changes. We have been totally in love with this extraordinary shisha since we first met them and are now incredibly happy that the guys have trusted us to continue their super cool idea with heart and mind.

ShishaWarenTester visiting us

One of our booths - ShishaMesse 2016 Frankfurt am Main

Galileo Shisha report from 2007 with us in our hookahLounge

Squeezy-Check by ShishaWG

Watch the video of ShishaWG to our new Squeezy Tubes!

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