hookahSqueeze pure should be used from a quantity of approx. 5g, which for most heads means only a thin layer to coat the head with. Please only use glazed heads - unglazed clay can absorb the moisture of the paste.

You should only spread hookahSqueeze to just below the edge - or fill it, depending on the size and type of head, keeping a little distance from the top. However, Squeezy should not be too far away from the heat source - then too little heat can arrive, which limits the smoke development! Basically, the following applies: with aluminium foil, you should wait a few minutes before smoking, heat management devices should be placed on the charcoal lighter to warm up (not too long, depending on the quality of the HMD) and with ordinary chimney pots (e.g. with the KS Appo), at least four large coals with proper smoking are required!

Attachments for only one charcoal only work well with particularly flat heads and perfect head construction up to very close to the OneSmoke (Solo Smoke, 1 charcoal attachment...)! You also have to preheat the attachment beforehand and smoke it for a while or wait about 5 minutes at the beginning (as you like, just try it out!).

After smoking, hookahSqueeze should be nice and dry and no longer creamy or moist. If it is not dry yet, you have used too much and should adjust your amount (and maybe just add another round of charcoal). The same applies in reverse: if the smoke development and flavour of the amount of charcoal you are using starts to fade too soon, you should use more paste. It's actually quite easy!

If you have done everything right, the paste will be super easy to remove from the head after the session.