The amount and way you mix hookahSqueeze with tobacco is completely up to you. completely up to you. We can only give you suggestions and tips based on our experience - but everyone smokes differently and has their own preferences, especially in terms of flavour intensity and strength. Super dense smoke is something we all love - and Squeezy will definitely Squeezy will definitely do that in your head!

The best way to start is to add a few drops (1-3g) of Squeezy to your existing tobacco setup - just squeeze it on top first. Mixing the vapour paste a little bit with the tobacco and/or letting it soak in for a few minutes will give a longer lasting flavour intensity in most setups. You can also mix it in completely or coat the head (also additionally) with it beforehand. However, brushing it in as with the baking tray usually only works if you smoke at a relatively high heat level. Otherwise, the heat often does not reach the paste at the bottom of the head.

Of course, you can also use a larger amount of paste in relation to the tobacco and just sprinkle or mix it with a few small tobacco shreds. This is especially suitable if you don't want to miss out on the natural nicotine of the tobacco but are totally into the smoking behaviour and intense aroma of hookahSqueeze!

Our flavours vary in intensity, of course, so the amount you need to mix will vary depending on the variety, your personal sensibilities and the strength of the base tobacco. However, you will need particularly little of Cooling, Mint, Black Mint, Mintberry or BIG RED if you want to give your tobacco a menthol or mint note with intense flavour right to the end. With the flavours, 1 gram is often enough.

You will definitely notice that hookah tobacco mixed with hookahSqueeze smokes noticeably better and more carefree. In addition, more heat-sensitive tobaccos can tolerate much more heat when mixed with steam paste and the entire taste (also of the tobacco) lasts noticeably longer.