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Exclusively manufactured for hookahSqueeze by Saphire according to their own design, No.9 & No.9 flat offer you a variety of set-ups with flawless draw through their design inspired by the legendary Saphire No.5 and impress with their extraordinary design.

Saphire Squeeze No.9 & No.9 flat by @styriashisha

Masters all disciplines

The Squeeze No.9 from Saphire - exclusively produced for hookahSqueeze according to its own design - offers a flawless draught due to its design inspired by the legendary Saphire No.5 and impresses with its extraordinary design. With its wide rim, onto which the charcoal can simply be pushed when using aluminium foil to reduce the heat, it is suitable for all types of natural charcoal. The heat can thus be adjusted as desired.

Perfect for hookahSqueeze pure, tobacco, vapour stones and imaginative mixtures of everything ;)

We recommend thick aluminium foil and three pieces of natural charcoal (at least 25mm) or a high-quality Heat Management Device, which for dense smoke should be preheated briefly (!) on the charcoal lighter to generate enough heat at the beginning.

Available in black-blue, bavarian pink, black, bavarian blue & black-pink.

Quality from a German master workshop

Perfect for tobacco

The Squeeze No.9 is simply perfect for pure tobacco heads at a distance and also for overpacking/contact - if you like it harder, just smoke with more contact to the aluminium foil or the Heat Management Device. No matter if you put the tobacco loosely in the head or squeeze it tight - everyone will find their setup with the No.9.

Depending on the design, it holds around 15-25g of tobacco and can be smoked really well for up to 90 minutes, according to experience. Shishawarentest has tested the No.9 for the "Best setup in the world" crowned. How does it work exactly? Click here for the video!

Ingenious for mixtures

In the Saphire Squeeze No.9 you can conjure up perfect mixtures of tobacco and hookahSqueeze! The amount of both is entirely up to you. Lots of tobacco, little squeeze - or vice versa with just a few leaves of tobacco. Take it easy smoking with Squeezy!

Steam stones come to life in No.9!

Of course, you can also vaporise stones and blends with tobacco at the highest level in our baby. Nothing could be easier! Fill in the vapour stones, keep a little distance from the top, put on aluminium foil or an attachment (hot enough) - and then just enjoy...

The popular Saphire Squeeze No.9 has had an offspring in anthracite-grey in 2019!

The Saphire Squeeze No.9 flat is of course - as the "squeeze" in the name already reveals - intended for shorter and more efficient hookah squeeze sessions, but of course also for tobacco (loose or pressed) and mixtures of both. With aluminium foil, you can use the wide rim as usual to distribute the heat nicely, or simply use suitable attachments as with the deep No.9. By the way, it also runs perfectly and with lots of smoke with proper contact with tobacco with (previously warmed up on the charcoal lighter) attachments for only one coal, such as the OneSmoke from ShishaOfen or the AO Hookah SOLO Smokebox. This reduces the formation of harmful carbon monoxide to a minimum compared to the use of three coals. The Saphire Squeeze No.9 flat has a capacity of approx. 10-20g for tobacco or 5-15g with hookahSqueeze pure.Like all original Saphire products, it is handmade in a German master workshop and is available in the colour anthracite-grey (grey).
ShishaWarenTest has selected the Saphire Squeeze No.9 flat for the very best setup in the world - with only one coal!

Saphire Squeeze No.9 bavarian pink
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Squeezy-Check by ShishaWG

Watch the video of ShishaWG to our new Squeezy Tubes!

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