For a long time, we couldn't understand why - but when used correctly, hookahSqueeze often smokes much better and tastes more intense, milder, purer and above all longer than shisha tobacco. There are also great advantages when mixing different flavours - hookahSqueeze is much easier to dose! And the amount needed for a 45-minute smoking session is only about 5g (although this also depends heavily on personal shisha smoking behaviour).

Tobacco is also often difficult to handle for many beginners. Moreover, shisha smoking has long ceased to be a "youth trend" - as they mature, many smokers also become more health-conscious. It is important to note here that hookahSqueeze should in no way be described as "healthy", as any intake of artificial flavours and the inhalation of vapour produced by glycerine are at the very least not beneficial, i.e. not healthy, for the human body. However, hookahSqueeze keeps you away from the strong neurotoxin nicotine contained in tobacco, which is one of the substances with the highest addiction potential. Despite this advantage over smoking tobacco products, hookahSqueeze, like any stimulant, should be consumed conscientiously and only from the age of 18.

But: hookahSqueeze is a conscientiously handmade product under constant quality control in Germany and properly labelled according to the CLP regulation... you can download the safety data sheets for each variety/flavour in the shop at the respective product!

No Burning - No Smoking - No Non-Smoking Law!

Just like the well-known vapour stones (hookahBreeze, Shiazo, IceRockz etc.) or e-cigarettes, there is no combustion (cigarette) or smouldering (tobacco water pipe) when enjoying hookahSqueeze. Glycerine and flavouring are only vaporised, the mineral carrier paste for it remains completely unaffected by the heating. But for hookahSqueeze produced after May 2020, tobacco tax must now be paid as for water pipe tobacco, which is why our tins now bear a tax mark.