Preparing a shisha is a science in itself - as anyone who has anyone who has ever tried to perfect the head construction knows that. head construction. The good news is that hookahSqueeze works with almost any setup. setup. You just have to make sure that the temperature inside the head is is neither too high nor too low. Even if you quickly create your own personal set-up, it is still important to stick to a few basic rules so that a few basic rules, so that nothing stands in the way of a perfect nothing stands in the way of perfect shisha enjoyment.

1. pay attention to cleanliness

Only hookahSqueeze can only develop its full aroma in a clean, freshly cleaned hookahSqueeze can develop its full aroma only in a clean, freshly develop its full aroma. We recommend our biodegradable hookah cleaner hookahClean! hookah cleaner hookahClean!

2. check the seals

The Shisha should be well sealed at all corners and ends. The three important places that should always be checked for leaks are the transition are the transition from the head to the smoke column, from the smoke column to the glass and at the hose to the connection.

Seals are of course also available in our shop 😉

3. test hose

To test the tightness of the hose, simply hold the lower end of the hose closed and and blow into the mouthpiece. This way you can easily easily if air is escaping somewhere. Ordinary hoses with a metal with a metal spiral should generally be shaken and blown out and blown out vigorously before each use to avoid loosening deposits during smoking. during smoking. Silicone and plastic hoses, on the other hand, can be rinsed with water, of course.

4. Stir hookahSqueeze thoroughly before each use.

For The safety of hookahSqueeze is ensured by the fact that the base does not combine with the ingredients that are being vaporised and is vaporised and remains absolutely unchanged during heating. unchanged during heating.

The The disadvantage of this is that, depending on the flavour, the liquids settle more or less of it, depending on the flavour. To bring hookahSqueeze back to a nice, creamy state, it is essential to stir the vapour paste thoroughly each thoroughly before each use.

5. the head building

The The special thing about hookahSqueeze is that you can use it in many different ways. ways: Either you spread it on the walls of the head or in the (do not fill it too far up and keep the upper edge of the head clean) or the top of the head clean) or you can form a small "sausage" which you in a circle. Depending on the head you have to vary, but if possible always keep a distance from the coal. It is essential to use only glazed clay or glass heads should be used. Do not use natural clay heads, as these can can soak up the steam paste too much. Special silicone heads and and all kinds of attachments also work - only the heat must be heat must be adapted to the setup.

6. HookahSqueeze as a flavour and smoke enhancer mixed with tobacco.

With hookahSqueeze, it not only smokes better, it also tastes more intense and makes the tobacco burn less quickly. For hookah lovers who don't want to give up their beloved tobacco, we strongly recommend trying hookahSqueeze mixed with regular hookah tobacco. You can add hookahSqueeze as a blob, coat the head or mix it completely or just a little bit with the tobacco. The amount of tobacco and squeeze is also up to you!

7. with aluminium foil: punch in correctly!

For The perforation of aluminium foil must be adapted to the coal. The holes should not be too large (max. 0.5 millimetres in diameter) and should be spaced properly and almost exclusively under the contact surface of the charcoal. of the charcoal. Only a few holes should extend extend beyond. There are of course many special designs - the whole instructions are only intended to serve as inspiration.

8. coal

The The choice and quantity of charcoal, which is always well glowed, should be should be adapted to the size of the head. For example, a 40 mm self-igniting coal that is no longer 40mm self-igniting charcoal with a pot of about six centimetres in diameter and diameter and two centimetres deep cannot produce the necessary temperature for good temperature for good enjoyment.

Too low temperatures lead to smoke development and flavour intensity intensity of flavour leave much to be desired, since most of our flavours only change from a liquid to a gaseous state at around 100 degrees Celsius. gaseous state and can therefore only then release flavour when vapourised. Overheating should also be avoided, which is why not too much charcoal should be used. too much charcoal. Excessively high temperatures harbour significant risks. By the way, this is also true for any ordinary shisha tobacco or vapour stones, as these also contain the glycerine necessary for the development necessary for the development of large clouds of smoke. At temperatures above acrolein, which is suspected of being carcinogenic! suspected of being carcinogenic! Temperatures above 200 degrees can be recognised when smoking a shisha, whether with tobacco, vapour stones or hookah squeeze quickly by an unusual, unpleasant and scratchy taste. and scratchy taste. When using natural charcoal, you should have experience in heat adaptation. heat adaptation, because the surface temperature of natural charcoal is temperature of natural charcoal is much higher than that of self-lighting charcoal. and with these, more heat is released through several pieces instead of a single more heat is given off. Nevertheless, natural charcoal is clearly the better choice.

9. keep your distance

Like When driving a car, the following also applies when setting up a hookah: Keep a minimum distance! For optimum smoking enjoyment, a distance of at least 5-10 millimetres from hookahSqueeze to the aluminium foil. Already a few millimetres from a piece of charcoal with a temperature of about 500-600 degrees, the temperature is only about temperature is only about 200 degrees. With attachments or heat management devices, you can certainly work much closer. If you use household aluminium foil, it should be used in at least four layers. should be used. Alternatively, thicker, special aluminium foil aluminium foil (30-50µm thickness). With an ordinary chimney top you generally have you generally have a greater distance, but you also need more heat (several heat (several pieces of natural charcoal) to achieve a satisfactory result. to achieve a satisfactory result, as a lot of air flows in with it. flows in.

10. in tranquillity lies strength

Once you have completed your set-up and placed the charcoal, you should now wait a few minutes until the first puff - especially with aluminium foil. This is the only way to ensure that the whole pot heats up evenly. is guaranteed. Plenty of steam and full flavour right from the first puff are the result. In addition, the off-flavour, which often occurs with which often occurs with self-igniting charcoal. By the way, this also applies for normal tobacco products, if you want to save yourself the "smoking". If the heat of the charcoal is not sufficient to "light up", you can If the heat of the charcoal is not enough to "light up", you can use a windbreak to increase the heat in your head for a short time. Care should be taken not to use the windbreak for too long, as the windscreen for too long, otherwise there is a risk of overheating.

Now nothing stands in the way of optimal shisha enjoyment with hookahSqueeze. in the way. Smoking is possible as long as the charcoal lasts. is not recommended, as the remaining amount in the head can easily overheat. can overheat - but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And when you have If you've got the knack, then you'll do it differently than we advise!

During session, it is advisable to move the charcoal in between to adjust the heat. to adjust and distribute the heat. The heat heat should be reduced in any case, if an unpleasant unpleasant taste.

11. the washing up

When the hookah and especially the coals are out, you can simply wash hookahSqueeze simply washed out of the head with water. The paste should be dry after the dry and easy to remove from the head (even without water). head (even without water). If it is still soft or even creamy, you have used too much squeeze and should you have used too much squeeze and should reduce the amount until it suits your smoking your smoking habits and the amount of charcoal you are using, and you will not no more Squeezy is wasted.

If If you don't want to have a second smoking session, it is advisable to clean the entire hookah at the same time, clean the entire hookah (with hookahClean, of course). This way it is ready for use the next time and no flavours can no flavours can be deposited.