ShishaMesse Frankfurt am Main, 28.04.2023 - Three new varieties in our popular tubes!

The easy Squeezy Tubes have been around for a year! Thank you for your support, without you millions of Squeezy lovers on this planet there would be no new flavours now! <3

Black Mint, Lychee and BIG RED

Everyone has their favourite...

Black Mint is the first hookahSqueeze variety with black sugar cane molasses. A homage to "Zomo Black", a tobacco that is rather less known in Germany and unfortunately no longer available from our long-time friends at Zomo. And at the same time the favourite of Max, our managing director and hookahSqueeze developer - for him, Zomo Black or hookahSqueeze Black Mint must not be missing as a mix ingredient in any head.

Lychee is a flavour for and by our friend & supporter Alex (@directlyshishagermany). He has been supporting us for many years with an incredible amount of heart and soul and we are extremely grateful that he supports us in the selection and perfection of our flavours with a great deal of dedication! Lychee bears his signature and tastes especially good to people who like to smoke Darkblend tobacco with squeeze in the funnel on high heat.

BIG RED is our first collaboration with the great people at NameLess Tobacco, who make all their own shisha tobacco near Stuttgart! We've known each other for many years, love spending time together and finally found the moment to bring their killer flavour expertise, hard-won over many years, paired with our shisha paste to the start! Actually, we just wanted to try out what we could make... then we were all so blown away by Bubblegum Cinnamon that it became clear to us pretty quickly: this is going to be our first baby together 😉

When mixing with tobacco, you can start with a very small amount (in grams: 1-3) and mix the paste a little bit into the tobacco. This will give you a very decent intensity.

Side info about hookahSqueeze and our company
hookahSqueeze is not a contract production, every gram of it comes from us directly from Landsberg am Lech and is made with a lot of genuine love for hookah. We test our products on ourselves every day. We are not driven by endless profit maximisation, but happy and satisfied with sufficient cost recovery and enough room for further development. Surpluses are invested, for example, in improving work processes, development and product safety. The path is the goal, with satisfied customers, employees, trade partners, service providers, suppliers, authorities and a sustainable, reflective way of working and corporate culture.
As required by law, all our products are not labelled in accordance with the Tobacco Products Act/Tobacco Products Ordinance, but are subject to labelling in accordance with the Product Safety Act and the CLP Regulation (due to the flavourings required for this, some varieties are a chemical product subject to labelling).
hookahSqueeze is a product assimilated to water pipe tobacco in Germany and is therefore subject to tobacco tax (excise duty) on water pipe tobacco, even though it does not contain tobacco or nicotine (customs tariff number/HS code: 24041910).