hookahSqueeze Lychee, 25g

Sweet, lovely lychee


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(236,00 / 1000 g)


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A pleasant lychee taste in each of your heads

Lychee is a lovely, sweet and intense hookahSqueeze variety that perfectly overlays and harmonises with other flavours when mixed with tobacco. Always present in the mix, but not too dominant.

Quality instead of quantity - Squeezy is very productive!

When mixing, start with a smaller amount of paste - you can always use more for the next head if you want it to taste even more intense! SQUEEZE-TABAK-SQUEEZE: We recommend smoking the shisha tobacco mixed with squeeze in a sandwich with proper heat. And if you want to smoke Lychee pure, without tobacco, you will need more heat than usual, especially in the beginning. It is best to give the head 5-10 minutes to warm up after putting on the charcoal.

Photos are examples of use, only one 25g tube of hookahSqueeze paste is included.

Labelling according to CLP Regulation & Safety Data Sheet:

hookahSqueeze hookah steam paste lychee, ingredients: glycerine, diatomaceous earth, flavouring, colouring.

Safety Data Sheet hookahSqueeze Steam Paste Lychee PDF

Additional information

Weight 0,033 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 2,5 cm

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