handmade hookahCream

hookahSqueeze is the world's first creamy smoke product
for your shisha and is handmade in Bavaria.
Try our 23 legendary flavours pure or mixed with
your favourite tobacco!

hookahSqueeze is the first steam paste in the world and is based on a natural, heat-resistant mineral substratewhich absorbs and releases flavours and glycerine even better than shisha tobacco. When heated, there is no combustion - so you have 100% taste! Only the liquid components of hookahSqueeze are vaporised by the heat of the charcoal. The mineral carrier material remains completely unaffected by the heating and hookahSqueeze dissolves into wonderfully dense, smoky clouds of vapour with an intense, long-lasting flavour...

What makes hookahSqueeze so special

Fat smoke

Bavarian Handmade

Intense taste


Real shisha love

20 years

hookahSqueeze Cooling Flavour im Funnel

hookahSqueeze pure

Smoke hookahSqueeze pure and experience the uniquely intense taste and thick smoke made from pure vegetable glycerine and finest flavours - completely without tobacco and toxic nicotine! hookahSqueeze was finally co-developed over several years in our hookahLounge by passionate shisha smokers who know what is good!

hookahSqueeze pure needs a little more heat, especially at the beginning of the hookah session, to develop its full potential!

Saphire Squeeze No.9 bavarian pink mit hookahSqueeze und Tabak

Tobacco & hookahSqueeze mixed

Our Squeezy is great to mix with tobacco. For example, as a base with a small amount of tobacco or in addition to your usual setup in an amount that you determine yourself according to your taste. hookahSqueeze acts as a smoke and aroma booster and your hookah will taste pleasant for noticeably longer!

Saphire Squeeze No.9 Black Shisha-Kopf mit hookahSqueeze Dampfpaste und Mixing Tool

hookahSqueeze Flavours mixed

All our flavours can be mixed together just as you like. Mix your own flavour explosion just the way you like it and refine your mix with, for example, vapour stones, tobacco or our Aroma shots!

No nicotine, no combustion, no smoking ban!
But: tobacco tax!

hookahSqueeze does not fall under the Health Protection Act for the catering industry, is a mineral-based product, without any vegetable carrier material and there is no thermal decomposition of the finely ground minerals used as a base.

However, according to a decree of the Federal Ministry of Finance, tobacco tax must be paid in Germany for hookahSqueeze vapour paste (so-called "smoke paste") as for normal hookah tobacco.

Since 23.03.2021, only hookahSqueeze cans with tobacco tax marks may be on the market. For tax purposes, hookahSqueeze (just like vapour stones) is a "product assimilated to tobacco products". (Link: Tax object in tobacco tax law)

hookahSqueeze Maracuja im Saphire Squeeze No.9 flat by @do.okah General

hookahSqueeze pure - short info and setup photos

hookahSqueeze pure you should use from a quantity of approx. 5g, which for most heads is only a thin layer, ...

Saphire Squeeze No.9 mit hookahSqueeze & Tabak by @styriashisha General

hookahSqueeze mixed with tobacco - info & photos

The amount and way you mix hookahSqueeze with tobacco is entirely up to you. We can only give you suggestions and ...

hookahSqueeze Mango by @hookahman.de General

The reasons for hookahSqueeze and the health aspect

For a long time, we ourselves couldn't understand why - but when used correctly, hookahSqueeze often smokes much better and tastes ...

Many unique flavours

hookahSqueeze comes in many different flavours. All flavours are selected only after extensive testing and come, of course - and not just so we can write it - from the most renowned flavour houses in Germany. Each flavour is developed and tested for (sometimes almost too) long. And new ones are added every now and then...

Here you can download the hookahSqueeze flavour flyer.load!

hookahSqueeze Wholesale/Wholesale/Export

We look forward to your enquiry. Export is only possible to countries in which tobacco-free mineral-based products are not subject to tobacco tax and are legally permissible.

hookahSqueeze - the world's first shisha paste

Wild stuff: hookahSqueeze is the first paste for your shisha and brings you a completely new hookah experience, whether pure or mixed with tobacco!

hookahSqueeze is 100% Made in Germany, conscientiously manufactured with 20 years of hookah experience under constant further development - a matter of course for us!

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