Arctic Ice

A taste like a deep breath on the icy coasts of Greenland under bright sunshine!
The slightly sweet glacier breeze with a hint of peppermint refreshes your throat and respiratory tract in a pleasantly delicious way.

Arctic Ice feels like taking a deep breath on the icy shores of Greenland on a bright and sunny day. A slightly sweet glacier-like breeze with a notion of peppermint will freeze your throat in a truly refreshing way.


A creamy banana flavour reminiscent of candy and a perfect base or ingredient for a shisha fruit salad.
hookahSqueeze Banana is an exotic, intense experience for fruit lovers!

Creamy, candy banana taste which provides a perfect add-on or base for a "fruit salad" and can be mixed well with plenty of other flavours. This rich and bold paste produces a surpreme smoking experience for fruit lovers.

Bavarian Blue

As we all know, the sky over Bavaria is so damn blue! That's why we dedicate this urbayrischer G'schmack to the surroundings that inspire us every day to create things like hookahSqueeze. Joking aside: Bavarian Blue tastes imaginatively of sweet blueberry and has a minty-fresh undertone.

It is widely known that the sky over Bavaria has a distinct deep blue of its own. That's why we have dedicated this special bavarian flavour to our daily environment and its content which have inspired hookahSqueeze. Seriously, this combination of extreme intense blueberry flavour with a hint of mint is the perfect choice for curious characters.


The predominant sweetness and a slightly tart touch make hookahSqueeze Blueberry a delicious and interesting blueberry flavour.

The predominant sweetness combined with a lightly sour touch turns hookahSqueeze Blueberry into a genuine, interesting and tasty blueberry flavour.


hookahSqueeze cherry tastes good to the sweet tooth among hookah lovers! Extremely fruity sweet and intense.

hookahSqueeze Cherry is the first choice for sweet-toothed hookah smokers. Extremely fruity, sweet and intense.


The coolest Squeezy flavour ever! Cooling flavour with natural menthol aroma! Pure really only for the really tough ones 😉

Cooling-Squeezy is primarily intended for mixing: A small amount of it (approx. 1-3g) mixed with hookah tobacco, steam stones or fruity hookahSqueeze varieties already produces a very intense, long-lasting cooling & menthol aroma and noticeably increases the smoke development!


Kiss the frog and it will transform into a wonderful flavour! Cucumber kisses the classic grape mint and becomes hookahSqueeze Frogger! A harmonious combination of fresh and incredibly pleasant cucumber with a light white grape and cool peppermint.

Kiss the frog and turn it into an awesome flavour! Cucumber combined with the timeless classic Grape-Mint becomes hookahSqueeze Frogger! A blend with fresh and smooth cucumber at its heart, rounded up with delicious Grape and topped with some cooling Peppermint.


hookahSqueeze Grapefruit is naturally fruity and invigorating, slightly tart and tastes like freshly squeezed grapefruit juice - also a perfect complement, especially to very sweet flavours.

hookahSqueeze Grapefruit is natural, fruity and refreshing, slightly sour and tastes like fresh pressed grapefruit juice - it's a perfect contribution, especially to very sweet flavours.

Green Apple

A slightly tart green apple that tastes very good in combination with sweet fruit varieties and is the smokable counterpart to apple rings for those with a sweet tooth.

A slightly sour green apple which is very good in combination with sweet fruit flavours and on its own it is the smokeable addition of apple flavoured candy.


Smells like very familiar sweets, tastes simply impressive! Fresh, intense and natural lemon - perfectly mixable with all imaginable flavours. And of course also classic, just with a little mint, a real treat!

Smells like candy, just tastes great! Fresh, intense and natural lemon - perfectly mixable with all imaginable flavours. And of course also classic, only with a little hint of mint, a real treat!


Summer, sun, sunshine! Sit back and enjoy our fruity, ripe, sweet mango. It tastes really natural and pleasantly intense and the smell alone simply turns you on....

Summer, Sun, Sunshine! Lean back and enjoy our fruity, ripe, sweet mango. It tastes really natural and pleasantly intense and the smell just turns on...

Passion fruit

The fruit of passion! And the hookahSqueeze flavour of the passionate fruit junkies. A fascinating, round, long-lasting flavour with a very sweet character in an extraordinary intensity.

The fruit of passion! And the hookahSqueeze flavour of die-hard fruit junkies. A fascinating, round, long lasting flavour with a very sweet character and an extraordinary intensity.


hookahSqueeze Mint is a balanced, very fresh mint with a hint of menthol, which cools and invigorates both pure and in blends.

hookahSqueeze Mint is a well balanced, deeply fresh mint with traces of menthol, which refreshes and cools on its own and in mixtures.


A very pleasant, slightly fruity wild berry flavour, completely enveloped by cool, extraordinarily intense menthol mint.

An extraordinary pleasant and fruity wild berry flavour, entirely coated with a cool and seriously intense menthol-mint aroma.


A delicate, yet balanced sweet, full-bodied and natural, unobtrusive peach flavour as you can only get from hookahSqueeze.

A delicate, but still balanced sweet, bold and natural, decent peach flavour which is only available in this distinct creation from hookahSqueeze.

Pink Passion

Passionately sweet with an intense sour note - hookahSqueeze Pink Passion tastes exceptionally exotic, pleasantly fruity and slightly reminiscent of natural passion fruit.

Passionately sweet with an intense, sourly part - hookahSqueeze Pink Passion tastes extraordinaly exotic and gets as close to the real thing as possible.


Sweet, effervescent raspberry, which will convince every fruit lover with its wonderful flavour development.

Sweet and prickling raspberry, which genuinelly resembles raspberry sherbet. With its wonderfully unfolding flavour it surely will overwhelm every fruit lover.


Wonderfully pleasant, not too intrusive but still intense spearmint gum flavour with a menthol note to match. No great innovation - just perfectly rounded off for Squeezy due to our personal love for this flavour 🙂


The fruit bomb from hookahSqueeze! Ripe, fruity fresh, sweet strawberry that makes your mouth water just by smelling it from a distance.

Strawberry Fields Forever! The fruitbomb of hookahSqueeze! Ripe, fruity fresh, succulent sweet strawberry that makes your belly rumbling by getting a breath of it only.

Sweet Melon

hookahSqueeze Sweet Melon is a juicy, perfectly ripened cantaloupe melon whose intense, tropical and long-lasting flavour sets off fireworks on the tongue. Would fit perfectly in the shisha on a white beach by the sea....

Sweet Melon is a juicy and ripe cantaloupe and will send streams of tropical flavour over your taste buds. Very great for exotic shisha experiences and would fit perfectly on a white beach in front of the blue sea.

Two Apples

A double apple that tastes very identically of green, sour and sweet red apples - with a fruit flavour that also brings a new taste experience when you are actually sick of apple flavours...

Two Apple, which identical combines sourly green apple aroma with sweet red ones - creating an overall taste which will definitely surprise anyone who is tired of traditional apple flavours...


hookahSqueeze watermelon is extremely flavourful, identical, very sweet and yet fresh - a ripe, full-bodied taste experience that is unparalleled in shisha.

hookahSqueeze Watermelon has an extremely intense taste, identical, very sweet and still refreshing - a well rounded, bold experience which stands out among others.

White Grape

A grape like out of a picture book! Tart and at the same time with a fine sweetness, not intrusive and always tasty. The perfect basis for creative blends that should not taste too obtrusive. Our insider tip: Combine with mint and another fruit variety!

A grape out of a fairytale! Herb and similarly enhanced with a fine sweetness, decent and an everytime favourite. Perfect base for creative blends, which should be well balanced. Experts choice: Combining it with another fruit flavour and a hint of mint.