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Born in Berlin, boosted in Bavaria

The guus ONE is a unique shisha in bong design with perfect draught without a hose! Intense taste and much smoke with shisha tobacco, steam paste or steam stones in the patented 1-carbon system.
Whether it's finally at the festival again or relaxing at home...

Dense, cool smoke and Intense taste with a very small amount of water are the order of the day with the guusen! The guus is simply incredible practical & innovative and available with or without kick hole!

She is a conspicuously inconspicuous Designer hookah from Berlin, with highest precision Made here in Bavaria from High-quality, resistant anodised aluminium and a Stable smoke column from original PLEXIGLAS® XT from Röhm.

Innovation brains

Our guus-head is off heat-resistant special silicone manufactured. Light & unbreakable!
The Handmade clay ring, available in two different sizes, provides heat storage for a Optimum heat distribution and long smoke duration and gives you extra fine-tuning options for your perfect setup!
The sheet metal holds the Tobacco at a distance and through the sieve the coal ventilated from below!
The lower part of the vestibule holds the charcoal and with the lid the heat can be regulated in two stages depending on the setup.

What makes guusen so special

Smoke easy with Squeezy or your shisha tobacco

Crushing draught with patented head system

Mega performance and fat clouds

Super intense flavour without a tube

Your perfect companion for on the road

Best materials and highest precision

guus shishas wholesale

Squeezy-Check by ShishaWG

Watch the video of ShishaWG to our new Squeezy Tubes!

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