What is hookahSqueeze made of?

hookahSqueeze is not a cocktail of countless additives, but consists of precisely Four carefully selected ingredientsA completely natural mineral mixture as substrate, pure vegetable glycerine from Bavaria for a breathtaking smoke development, high-quality, special smoke flavours for intensive, long-lasting taste and a little food colouring for the eye.

Just like the well-known vapour stones (hookahBreeze, Shiazo, IceRockz etc.) or e-cigarettes, there is no combustion (cigarette) or smouldering (tobacco water pipe) when enjoying hookahSqueeze. Glycerine and flavouring are only vaporised, the mineral carrier paste for it remains completely unaffected by the heating.

hookahSqueeze before and after vaporisation - simply "dried out"!

hookahSqueeze - the world's first shisha paste

Wild stuff: hookahSqueeze is the first paste for your shisha and brings you a completely new hookah experience, whether pure or mixed with tobacco!

hookahSqueeze is 100% Made in Germany, conscientiously manufactured with 20 years of hookah experience under constant further development - a matter of course for us!

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