guus ONE Shisha black with kick hole

Your original Shishabong with kick hole


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guus ONE black with kick hole

The guus is your shisha in bong design

The guus ONE from Berlin is the result of a long search for the best smoking pleasure in the coolest design! Smoking hookah has never been so much fun!


Whether in a backpack or in your hand. You can transport your guus super easily. Smoke wherever you want 🙂

The guus works without hoses, consists of few individual parts and is super easy to clean!
Smoke with your favourite shisha tobacco, steam stones or steam paste in the innovative guus head system with only one charcoal!
Thanks to the high-quality materials and flawless workmanship, the guus is a faithful companion for everyday life!
Whether at the next flat-sharing party, sunbathing on the beach or relaxing in the park - with your guus you can't be missed!

Modern design and fat smoking behaviour

It is a shisha with a modern look, of the highest quality and also has a fascinating smoking behaviour with incredible draught and works completely without a hose. The head sets new standards in terms of functionality - and that with only one coal! At the same time, the guus is more portable and extraordinary than any other shisha. So that you can enjoy life bubbling with your friends. With the guus - your shisha in bong design!

Stable quality due to high quality material

The guus is made of high-quality materials in Germany! Original PLEXIGLAS® XT from Röhm GmbH, high-heat resistant silicone and first-class aluminium, robustly anodised, make it not only a designer shisha, but a real quality product! Due to its construction, the body of the guus is almost indestructible!

Scope of delivery

- guus ONE Shisha with solid, black anodised aluminium base and original PLEXIGLAS® Acrylic glass tube with kick hole and black guus logo branding.
black anodised aluminium dip tube (Chillum) with immersion tube seal
- detailed instructions, so that nothing goes wrong 😉

Videos & Info


With or without kick hole? 😉

The kick hole, a hole in the side of the pipe at the level of the bowl, changes neither the smoking behaviour of the pipe nor the general smoking pleasure. Only when drawing can you "play" with the hole (i.e. hold it open or closed) or blow out smoke.

  • At the end of your puff, you can inhale the smoke that you have previously drawn slowly into the acrylic tube by opening the kick hole (like a bong) and draw fresh smoke through your guus in the next puff.
  • If there is smoke in the pipe that doesn't taste the best, open the kick hole and blow out the smoke in the guus.
  • It's just kind of fun... you can play a bit with the kick hole and have even more fun guzzling 😉
What else you need to know about the kick hole:
  • You must always keep a finger or the palm of your hand over the kick hole when pulling the guus ONE with kick hole, so that it is closed or the guus kick hole plug use. The guus ONE without kick hole can be touched anywhere - in the way that is most comfortable for you.
  • You get a slightly wet finger because the water splashes up when you pull.

At the end of the day, you can't make the wrong choice - guusen is always fun anyway! 🙂

Illustrations may differ, especially with regard to colours.

Weight 1,9 kg
Dimensions 70 × 30 × 30 cm


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