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Solo Smoke 1Coal Attachment

Less carbon monoxide and more intense flavour!


Includes 19% MwSt.

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Less carbon monoxide and noticeably more intense flavour with just one charcoal!

Our recommendation for this attachment: The flat, efficient Sapphire Squeeze No.9 flat - with that we smoke the whole day with only one coal! 🙂

The best coal for the 1Coal Attachment? For us, the One Nation 27s!

✓ RUNS WITH ONLY ONE COAL - Smoke shisha with only one coal without any disadvantages. Perfect for a small head in between (approx. 40 minutes of perfect smoke) but also suitable for longer sessions depending on the head design and personal smoking preference.

✓ MULTICOMPATIBLE ATTACHMENT - Fits all heads with an inner diameter of 5 - 6 cm. With some heads it wobbles a little bit, but this is nothing against unsecured coal on aluminium foil and does not restrict the function!

✓ OPTIMAL HEAT DISTRIBUTION - The tasteless, really high-quality, turned aluminium (not cheap cast iron) is extremely temperature-conductive and additionally releases the heat through holes in the base.

✓ EASY HEAT REGULATION - The air supply can be regulated by turning the top - and you can also simply leave the lid off completely if you don't want much heat. We recommend handling with sturdy tongs.

The SOLO Aluminium Head by AO Hookah is a brilliant piece of equipment, because it allows you to have flavour-intensive sessions with lots of smoke, very intense, consistent flavour and only one charcoal! Depending on which head you use and how you build it, you can smoke for an average of 40 minutes with perfect smoke development and flavour intensity. Thanks to the sophisticated system, you can reach amazingly high temperatures.

For a lot of smoke with tobacco and blends with hookahSqueeze vapour paste, we recommend light contact with the attachment. However, only if you like it a little stronger. But then you also have to use a wire brush for cleaning (preferably with stainless steel bristles)!

More heat and smoke development can be achieved by placing the attachment (without lid!!) on the charcoal lighter. Caution: Do not place it on the charcoal lighter for too long and keep an eye on it, especially with stronger lighters from approx. 800W! The charcoal must then always be 100% fully glowed. Nevertheless, the charcoal will always (especially if you use the lid) run out a little at the bottom. You can then turn it over to achieve a little more heat again.

hookahSqueeze pure must be smoked a little longer with the 1charcoal attachment! It also makes sense to preheat the head slightly (!) near the lighter to ensure a proper heat base.

- Total height: approx. 4cm
- Diameter outside: approx. 6cm
- suitable for heads with inner diameters of 5 - 6cm

Note: Due to the high temperature in the attachment, it may discolour. Illustration may differ from the delivered item. Accessories (heads, charcoal, etc.) in the photos are not part of the scope of delivery, but are only for better representation.

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Weight 0,25 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 cm


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