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Quasar Petit Raas 2 hookah head system

Small & mega performance!


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Designed with the latest technology, made from high quality material for very clear, flavourful, stress-free hookah sessions! That's what the Quasar Petit Raas 2 hookah bowl with HMD can do!


The Petit Raas 2 is the little sibling of the Raas 2 - all the same, just smaller and perfectly made for a 27mm coal.

At the ShishaMesse 2024 in Frankfurt, we had a joint stand with Quasar and were thrilled from day one with the performance of the new thermal bowl systems when mixed with tobacco and our paste. With the small "Quasar Petit", simply fill the laboratory glass bowl loosely with 10-15g of tobacco as shown in the instructions supplied, squeeze under and over it and wait 5-10 minutes before smoking. Once the first coal is through, simply add a fresh one and, if necessary, add a little Squeeze to the tobacco at any time for a new flavour explosion. This way you can smoke for a very long time and change your flavour again and again!

Of course, the Quasar Raas 2 also works perfectly with tobacco only, without paste - but not quite as well as with squeeze 😉


Revolutionary airflow, exceptional heat control and symbolic aesthetics

The Quasar Petit Raas 2 features innovative airflow technology based on a complex system of paths that swirl hot and cold air. This ingenious design ensures breathtaking performance and transfers flavours precisely for an intense experience.

The double-wall construction keeps the heat at the heart of the system and ensures self-regulating heat distribution. The coals burn slowly and offer a longer smoking time. Precise heat control ensures even combustion without compromising flavour.

The Quasar Petit Raas 2 combines aesthetics and functionality in a futuristic design that perfectly reflects the essence of the brand. The clever construction and the selection of remarkable materials ensure easy handling in everyday life and low wear and tear over time.


Super efficient and super performance!

The ratio between the possible smoking time and the required amount of tobacco/paste is simply impressive. What's more, you only need a single coal, whereas with other heads you use three pieces in the same time. You don't need to move any more coal, just add more when needed! You have certainly never smoked so smoothly and for so long with a single head and just one coal!

For heads who can smoke perfectly for well over two hours with charcoal, the large Quasar Raas 2 better!


The Quasar fits perfectly on all standard shishas without a gasket!

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