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HOOKAIN Low Load Phunnel Wulwa

Economical & efficient!


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The HOOKAIN Low Load Phunnel - economical & efficient!

The optimal shisha head for a consistent and efficient performance. This innovative product ensures that every milligram of flavour in Tobacco & Squeeze is utilised efficiently.

All common HMDs from the Kaloud Lotus to the ONMO or AO Even no-name products fit perfectly on the Low Load and do not slip off due to the roughened lip. Of course, you can also use aluminium foil in the classic way (but not as efficiently)! The Low Load holds on your hookah with the usual head gaskets, e.g. from Rubber or Silicone.

Why is the LOW LOAD so efficient?

The HOOKAIN LOW LOAD enables optimal heat distribution through the use of black Stone Ware Clay. This material is timelessly beautiful and offers a powerful performance. By using tobacco efficiently, you can reduce tobacco consumption and therefore the cost of your hookah experience.

The tobacco depot holds 6-10g of tobacco (depending on the construction and tobacco variety) and is perfect to refine the whole thing with some hookahSqueeze. Of most varieties, 1-2g of additional paste is enough to achieve an intense, long-lasting flavour and perfect smoking performance.

Due to the way it is made, each head is unique and differs from the illustration, especially in colour tones, pattern and grain!


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Weight 0,200 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7,2 × 7,2 cm

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