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AO HMD Smokebox

Perfect smokebox!


Includes 19% MwSt.

Availability: 4 in stock

Simple, perfectly functioning heat management device

SIMPLE HEAD CONSTRUCTION - Arrange tobacco or other smoking products in the head, either pressed or fluffy, as you like, place the smokebox on the head and put in the coals, well-lit! Building the head is child's play.

✓ EXTENDED SMOKE DURATION - By using the attachment, the heat is used more efficiently and the tobacco tastes even more intense.

The coals are firmly stowed in the AO HMD. The smokebox also acts as a windbreak.

✓ HIGH QUALITY MANUFACTURING - The AO Smokebox is of high quality workmanship and has a long service life.

✓ NO HOT FINGERS - The long lever on the lid prevents you from burning your fingers.

The coal depot initially holds 2 to 2.5 coals. If the coals are already a little smaller, 3 will also fit in the smokebox! The AO HMD, for example, fits perfectly on the Sapphire No.5 Prime or the Sapphire Fun One and also on our Sapphire Squeeze No.9 and the flat version!

For a lot of smoke with tobacco and blends with squeeze, we recommend light contact with the attachment. However, only if you like it a little stronger. Then you also have to use a steel brush for cleaning. The charcoal must always be 100% glowed through.


Total height with lid: approx. 4cm
Inner Ø container top: approx: 65mm
Total Ø: approx. 7.4cm (the tobacco head used should not have a larger inner diameter!)
Inner Ø of the ring at the bottom against slipping: approx. 68mm

Note: Due to the high temperature in the attachment, it may discolour. Illustration may differ from the delivered item. Accessories (heads) in the photos are not part of the delivery.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 cm


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