handmade hookahCream

Squeeze Paste

hookahSqueeze is the world's first vaporizing paste for your shisha and was developed by us in 2012!

Squeeze + tobacco = taste explosion!

Tobacco Mix

hookahSqueeze makes every hookah bowl even better! Just squeeeeze it in and celebrate the taste orgasm!


White Caek

The creamiest hookahSqueeze flavour ever in tight collaboration with HOOKAIN.


Our Favourites


Shishawarentest visit to hookahSqueeze production and interview

Blog, Info & Usage Tips

No nicotine, no combustion, no smoking ban. But: tobacco tax...

hookahSqueeze does not fall under the Health Protection Act for the catering industry, is a mineral-based product, without any vegetable carrier material and there is no thermal decomposition of the finely ground minerals used as a base.

However, according to a decree of the Federal Ministry of Finance, hookahSqueeze vapour paste (so
tobacco tax must be paid for the so-called "smoke paste") as for normal hookah tobacco.

Since 23.03.2021, only hookahSqueeze with tobacco tax marks may be found in German shops.

For tax purposes, hookahSqueeze (just like vapour stones) is a "product assimilated to tobacco products". (Link: Tax object in tobacco tax law)

Squeezy-Check by ShishaWG

Watch the video of ShishaWG to our new Squeezy Tubes!

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